Low energy, difficulty concentrating, carbohydrate cravings, depressed mood and fighting to get up in the morning are all signs you may need light therapy!
Therapy can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, using tools such as light therapy (usually fifteen to thirty minutes a day), microdose melatonin intake, blue light protection, changes to home and workplace lighting, as well as scheduling of meals, physical activity and sleep. Careful attention must be paid to the timing of these interventions. We work with you to determine your optimal treatment schedule.

The services begin with an initial assessment of the client's chronotype, followed by a primary consultation, resulting in an individualised step-by-step plan to achieve your desired goals. The primary consultation can be followed up with a three-week package of guided therapy. Consultations take place via Skype or over the phone.

Primary Assessment and Consultation ($400 + 5% Tax + Supplies)

During the 90-minute Skype or phone appointment, we will cover your sleep, health, use of medications, lifestyle, and schedules. You may also be asked to fill out one or more questionnaires. We will talk about options for solutions and address questions/concerns as well as determine whether a light box and/or supplies (e.g. melatonin) will need to be ordered. Within 5 workdays, you will receive a Personalized Treatment Plan, outlining our suggestions on how to best implement circadian light therapy to your daily routine. You may have to delay the start of your therapy until you can accommodate the proposed schedule (e.g. holidays). We will follow-up on your progress weekly for the first three weeks of your therapy.

Three-Week Guided Therapy ($300 + 5% Tax + Supplies)

The guided therapy provides guidance over the span of three weeks. You will be asked to fill out a daily sleep log (takes about 2 minutes) and be provided with regular feedback and treatment modifications via Email and/or phone. After successful completion of the Guided Therapy, you will receive a Personalized Post Therapy Plan, outlining our fine-tuned suggestions on how to proceed with the therapy. You may have to delay the start of the Guided Therapy until you can accommodate the proposed schedule (e.g. holidays).

Additional 30 -minute sessions ($65+ 5% Tax)

Request additional follow-ups or custom-tailor the services listed above.

Contact us for a free consultation to determine if our services are right for you and how we can best meet your needs.